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These are ships equipped with an access ramp to carry loads capable of being loaded and unloaded (Roll on - Roll off) by moving on wheels.

Container ships are modular cargo ships that became popular in the 1960s following the growth of container traffic, with the consequent emergence of intermodal transport.

This type of ship belongs to the more generic category of Ro-Ro ships, sharing its essential characteristics (horizontal loading/unloading, capacity expressed in linear metres, internal ramps and lashing systems).

This type of ship is technologically simpler, divided into holds for the bulk transport of dry cargo such as grain or ore, but also fertilizer, coal and scrap iron.

Reefer ships, also known as refrigerated ships, are ships equipped with refrigerated holds for the transport of perishable goods (e.g. foodstuffs) at temperatures usually ranging between -27 and +13 °C.

They are equipped with cargo tanks and a double hull to prevent cargo from being spilled overboard in the event of damage.

Si tratta di navi per il trasporto di prodotti petroliferi risultanti dai processi di raffinazione, anch’esse dotate di doppio scafo per ragioni di sicurezza.

Chemical tankers are very sophisticated vessels, often subdivided into many tanks to transport as many different products.

These are vessels for the transport of liquefied gas, transformed into liquid form by pressure and/or lowering of temperature.

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