We are recommending shipping agents for some of the leading RORO, Container, Car and Bulk Carriers.

Every month we offer destinations for wheeled goods throughout Europe, with a focus on the Mediterranean Sea.
Easy shipping throughout Europe

Destinations RORO

Ensuring a smooth management of traffic, we offer a variety of destinations for all customers wishing to ship or receive rolling goods by sea.

Line agent and
tramp agent

Our work has been carried out for over 60 years in a versatile way, operating in the name and on behalf of shipowners and/or carriers who entrust us with throughout all the country.

We provide our services as liner agents and tramp agents, completely aware of the deep diversity of the type of assistance required, intermediating both for players engaged in intercontinental routes (DSS – Deep Sea Shipping) and operators engaged in shorter routes (SSS – Short Sea Shipping).

Ships recommended in 2020
Destinations for rolling goods
RORO Port in Italy
Ships arriving in Livorno per year

We are recommending shipping agents for some of the leading RORO, Container, Car and Bulk Carrier carriers.Type of ships

Ro-Ro Ships

This particular type of ship can take on trucks, lorries, trailers, cars and other rolling stock in general. For this reason, it has garage deck areas extended along the entire length of the ship.

Container Ships

Container ships are modular cargo ships that became popular in the 1960s following the growth of container traffic, with the consequent emergence of intermodal transport.

Carrier Ships

This type of ship belongs to the more generic category of Ro-Ro ships, sharing its essential characteristics (horizontal loading/unloading, capacity expressed in linear metres, internal ramps and lashing systems).

Bulk Carrier

This type of ship is technologically simpler, divided into holds for the bulk transport of dry cargo such as grain or ore, but also fertilizer, coal and scrap iron.


“Qui mare teneat, eum necesse esse rerum potiri”

Cicero on Themistocles

We are active throughout Italy

Network of collaborators

We offer solutions throughout the country thanks to our wide network of collaborators: shipping agencies present in all major Italian ports.
  • Livorno
  • Vado Ligure
  • Genoa
  • La Spezia
  • Civitavecchia
  • Naples
  • Salerno
  • Cagliari
  • Gioia Tauro
  • Palermo
  • Augsburg
  • Brindisi
  • Bari
  • Vast
  • Ancona
  • Ravenna
  • Venice
  • Monfalcone (Trieste)
The best solution for all your needs

Our service

An important know-how based on the constant updating of the regulations on the subject, means that even today, important shipping companies decide to place their trust in us to carry out all the necessary assistance operations.
Shipowners and charterers assistance
Management of relations with the terminal operator
Handling of goods through local transits
Management of relations with local authorities (Port Authority, Customs, Police)
Commercial operations management - Intermodal and all truck transport management
Miscellaneous services for import, storage and export of goods in containers
Dangerous Goods practices for transport by sea (IMDG)
Sale of maritime services on behalf of represented shipowners/carriers
Assistance in the assessment of damages

Professionalism and competence at your serviceExperienced and qualified team

Our strength consists in an experienced and highly qualified team accredited to operate in customs and in possession of the professional qualifications of forwarding agents and registered shipping agents, who work constantly in close contact and with a common objective: to create and propose a successful offer based on trust and highly competitive conditions.

The most beautiful profession in the worldWhat kind of profession is a shipping agent?

A profession that has ancient roots in our territory, that of shipping agents is an indispensable activity for the daily international exchange of goods.

The Shipping Agent is defined as “consignee” because he acts – limited to a predetermined area – in the name and on behalf of his principal: owner or carrier of the ship on which the cargo is carried.

Over 60 years of experience in the shipping industry

The group

The Group has always adapted and developed its activities in the maritime industry by integrating them with the most sophisticated and necessary technologies, in order to offer shipowners and operators in the sector a tailor-made service to support their needs.

Our professionalism and our complete offer in terms of Group guarantees an integrated supply for our customers, taking care of transport, shipping, logistics outsourcing and all customs formalities required by the Authorities.

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