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We fulfil all customs, port and administrative formalities required by institutions in terms of import, transit and export of goods by sea.

We can provide our Private Customs Warehouse and our Fiscal Warehouse.

Leader in customs practices

The Group is a leader in the field of customs practices, whose offer takes shape mainly through the subsidiary Bournique S.r.l. and the associated company Saimare Livorno S.r.l., the latter having the prestigious status of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), recognition of competence and professional qualification.
Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

The status of Authorized Economic Operator is a certification of reliability attributed, following a careful audit, by the Customs Agency to economic operators resident in the European Union.

This institute facilitates economic operators who participate in the international supply chain and contribute to the safeguarding of security in the international trade of goods.

Authorization gives you access to numerous benefits such as faster shipping and lower customs costs.

We take care of every customs aspect

Customs operations

This set of operations includes – among others – those concerning the administration of the VAT warehouse, the Private Customs Depot (DDP), the management of deferred payments and the preparation of T1 files.

Placing of goods under the export procedure is mandatory in cases where they have to leave the customs territory of the European Community.
The importer is the person responsible for customs import operations, i.e. those activities that put non-EU goods into "free circulation" within the territory of the European Union.
Il regime di transito viene applicato a tutte le merci soggette a formalità doganali che devono spostarsi da un luogo a un altro dell’Unione Europea.
Our Private Customs Depot (DDP) is located at the Group's logistics hub, situated at the Interporto Toscano - Amerigo Vespucci.
Our VAT Fiscal Warehouse allows the customs clearance of the goods by taking advantage of the deferral on the payment of the tax, ie an area where the goods are suspended from the VAT regime.
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