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Giorgio Gragnani Srl has a guarantee for the surety of the goods and performs this service in line with the latest European and national directives. The goods in the Customs Warehouse are released for free circulation with introduction into the VAT Warehouse, thus paying the duties and suspending VAT.

When the goods leave the VAT warehouse, there is no financial outlay for VAT, as it is only paid when the goods are placed on the consumer market. The main advantage of using a VAT warehouse for the introduction of goods into Italy is that it defers the moment when VAT is due.

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The following types of goods shall be eligible for this scheme:

non-Community goods under suspension of customs duties;

Community goods in respect of which specific Community legislation provides, by reason of their being placed in a customs warehouse, for the benefit of measures linked generally to the export of goods pending their final destination.

Financially, in fact, there is a deferment of the moment in which VAT must be paid. This means that our client companies have the concrete possibility of reducing the risk linked to recourse to the credit market to finance themselves, being able to count on their own financial resources for longer.

These resources will only be used to pay VAT when the goods leave the VAT warehouse to be sold.
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