Export your goods in total safetyExport operations

Placing of goods under the export procedure is mandatory in cases where they have to leave the customs territory of the European Community.

In other words, exports are operations that allow goods to leave the EU Customs Union for all non-EU destinations.

Customs duties are not normally payable on exports.


Trust the experts in the fieldOur offer

The amount of regulations issued by the Customs, Revenue and Health Agencies is constantly evolving and updating, which is why it is necessary to rely on experts in the field.

To this end, our offer includes the completion of all customs, port and administrative formalities relating to the embarkation of goods, including the issuance of the corresponding certificates (i.e. Eur I; Eur-Med; Atr I).

In addition, we provide direct assistance at customs crossings, taking care of the payment of port taxes and duties.


Rely on our know-how to make the differenceExport regimes

There are different export regimes, knowledge of which is of fundamental importance to be able to act effectively in international trade. The
former are classified according to their final
destination, i.e. those goods that leave the EU territory to be consumed permanently elsewhere, as opposed to temporary exports, in which goods leave the Customs Union to be repaired, processed, inspected or exhibited under the constraint of re-importation after a predetermined period of time.

There are also transits, i.e. goods which have an initial European destination and a subsequent non-EU destination, without stopping immediately and without having paid all the duties.

Finally, there is re-exportation, which consists of the export of goods following a temporary import procedure for processing, completed repairs or at the end of trade fairs.

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