The Tuscanian Dry Port “Amerigo Vespucci”

interporto vespucci

Interporto Toscano - Amerigo Vespucciis a 3 million square meters
of areas designated for logistics.

At the centre of an infrastructural system between Tuscany and Europe, the Interporto Toscano – Amerigo Vespucci extends over 3 million square metres of logistics areas.

Strategically linked to the port of Livorno, thanks to the so-called “motorways of the sea” is a reference point for the main routes of the Mediterranean Sea.

Intermodal structure

Security and Infrastructure

The platform, secure and controlled 24/7, is also equipped with a 130,000 sqm rail terminal due to its intermodal vocation.
Our logistics centre is part of this context with two dedicated strategic areas.
All the space you need

9,000 sqm of industrial warehousing

Our centre boasts a largearea of 9,000 square metres dedicated exclusively to industrial warehousing and high value-added outsourcing operations. Hence, we can offer a 5,000 sq. m. industrial warehouse that allows covered storage, container loading/unloading, packaging and quality control activities, as well as lifting and moving of loads up to 27 tons.

Aprons and bonded warehouses250,000 sqm area for automotive logistics

Our pole has at its disposal a dense complex of yards for a total area of about 250,000 square meters for the logistics of rolling goods, 2 workshops and 1 body shop.

At the same site we also provide an uncovered bonded warehouse including an area under VAT suspension.

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